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Register your copyright online in just minutes. It's a fast and easy way to register your U.S. Copyright for Websites & Online Works, Computer Programs, Written Materials, Books, Articles, Sound Recordings, Musical Compositions, Photography, Visual Arts, Graphics, Performing Arts & Screenplays, and Technical Works.

Average completion time of our one-page form is less than 5 minutes. The information is used to securely acquire your copyright, which you may use immediately for most purposes including publishing your work.


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Your U.S. Copyright will be registered in a matter of minutes through our online form submission processing, 256 bit encrypted SSL secure server. You will receive you Copyright Documentation in an e-mail, and by first class USPS government mail. How Do You Copyright Something? Copyright How To... Copyright Registry online application gives you examples on how to copyright a song, how to copyright a book, how to copyright photos, how to copyright a website, how to copyright a screenplay, how to copyright songs, how to copyright images, or how to copyright software. Click Apply Now to get started. Notice the Explanations and examples throughout the application to help to guarantee the copyright process is done right while keeping it simple at the same time. Clicl Apply Now!