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You will have to answer a series of relevant questions about the work that you want to copyright. The questions are posted in a step-by-step manner, depending on the type of work you want to copyright and the answers you give. The entire process should not take more than a few minutes.
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Select the category that best describes the majority of your work. * Explanation of Categories

Please briefly describe the general nature of the work being registered.  
Examples: Website, Logo Artwork, Song Lyrics, Literary Work, Photograph(s), Musical Recording, Screenplay, Jewelry Design, Etc.
Website address - or - Title of material: *  
Please let us know if this work is known by another title:  
To help you get started, some examples are given here: If you are registering a website that contains some photographs, select Website and Online Works. For a sound recording, if you are also seeking registration for the underlying lyrics, music composition, arrangement, etc., select Sound Recordings. The information you enter will be used to prepare your application in accordance with the U.S. Copyright Office deposit requirements. The Title you enter will appear on the official Copyright Office Registration to identify the work, and thus, the title should be an identifying phrase.