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The terms and conditions presented represent the complete agreement between you and Copyright Center (within here “Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge”) which owns and operates this website. (within the “Website”) Your agreement to be confined by these terms is accepted and recognized by either (a) your use of the Copyright Center Website or (b) the compliance of any order for any service. The terms within these terms and conditions succeed and replace any other agreement or concession between you and Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge whether oral, written or otherwise including any statements made by any delegate of World Wide/Copyright Center at any time. 1. Services Provided Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge provides a service that prepares customers work they are trying to Copyright. Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge will save you precious time and aggravation by using your information you provide to create your account with the united states copyright office, organize, file and help make the copyright process move smooth and quickly. By using our service, you will now have the extra time to concentrate more on creating your work, rather than wasting the time trying to figure out how to protect it. As we are specialists in our line of work, we are not lawyers and cannot provide legal, tax, or any other certified advice of any type. While we offer comprehensive data to our customers and to the public about our services and the documents that we offer to organize and file, you yourself will have to conclude which document is appropriate for your circumstances. If you find that you need legal, financial or any other type of advice, we suggest you contact the proper professionals. If you decline such assistance, you will be acting as your own Attorney, financial advisor or other such certified persons, thus agreeing not to rely any information contained in this Website or otherwise given by World Wide/Copyright Center in place of or instead of of any such counsel. Only the documents that you request we will prepare. We will not prepare any documents that you have not exclusively requested. We will only use the exact information that you have provided us with and will not check the accuracy of the information that you submit. The exact information that you submit is what we will use to complete the job that you have requested. Once we complete your assigment, we will not supply any further service or reminders that relate to your situation, such as information for licensing, renewals, etc. These responsibilities are yours and only yours. You are responsible to guarantee that the information you provide Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge with is accurate in regards to grammar, spelling, and any other aspects or details and ready to be applied to your assignment. 2. Your Authorization In accepting this agreement, you are authorizing Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge to assemble the information you have given us towards preparing the documents you have requested from Copyright Registry/World Wide/Ad Edge. This agreement states that you agree and authorize Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge to reformat or reorganize the information that you provide as may be necessary for use in the particular forms prepared at your direction. The information that we gather is governed by our Copyright Center terms and conditions which is included by this reference herein as though it were set forth in full. You clearly agree that you have read that document and that you agree to accept the terms set forth as part of this agreement. You agree that the information you are providing Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge with is true and exact and that you are not generating any of the documents for illegal or false purposes. You are also in agreement that you are authorized to prepare the documents that you are requesting and no other power other than approved by you is necessary to make the project of the services you have requested. Furthermore, you are authorizing Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge as a third party to allocate a) prepare and submit forms requested by you, a us copyright application, b) receive any information connected to requested filings on your behalf such as your Work to be protected by a copywrite, and c) on your behalf, answer any questions from any other government official entity . You agree to assure and hold undamaging Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge and its managers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, officers, parents, subsidiaries, and its business and service providers of and from any claims, actions, and demands of the party upon which you claim to act or of any third party declaring any lack of authority, error or damages of any kind including attorneys fees and costs in any way connected with your authority to request and complete any service requested. 3. Fees By giving Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge your credit card information, you are authorizing us to charge your card for the services you have ordered and for any other related fees and expenses. You also agree to stand by the terms of your credit card issuer’s agreement. Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge charges the following fees where appropriate to any specific service requested. Document Processing Fee This is the charge for the preparation of any document that you request. The amount of this fee varies depending upon the document being prepared. Filing Fee This is any fee necessary for Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge to prepare and/or file at your request whether the filing is eventually accepted or not. By Accepting these terms and conditions acts as your signature authorizing Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge to use your billing information for necessary filing fees. Publication Fee This is any fee charged, acquired or paid by Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge for or in any way relating to publication necessities for any document we prepare and/or file at your request whether the filing is accepted in the end or not. Shipping Fee This fee us for any shipping and handling or postage fee charged, acquired or paid by Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge in any way relating to any document we prepare and/or send to you or to any third party in relation to any assignment submitted by you whether the transmittal is successful or not. Returned Check Fee All checks returned to World Wide/Copyright Center for any reason, whether physical checks or echecks, will have a twenty five dollar ($25.00) fine plus bank service fees. Other Fees For most services, all of the amounts are disclosed to you before submitting your credit card information to us. With frequent services, billing terms are disclosed to you before you submit your credit card information to us, and the card can be charged according to those terms each billing period, depending on use and the specific service plan. Copyright Registry/World Wide/Ad Edge charges a service fee of 5% per order that called "tax" on our order form. 4. Limited Money-back Guarantee We also offer our limited Money Back Guarantee. This offer is subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein depending upon the specific service requested. Basically, as long as you cancel your order before we finalize your documents we will refund your money minus a fee for services already rendered. The specific details of this guarantee are as follows for each service. Where Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge has begun processing your order but has not completed document preparation, we will refund your total payment minus a fifty dollar ($50.00) document processing fee. Where Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge has completed document preparation but has not completed the filing we we will refund your total payment minus a one hundred dollar ($100.00) document processing fee. There will be no refund given, although, if we receive your request to halt the filing before we have prepared your document or created online acct. you can cancel the filing. Once customer acct has bee created there will be no refunds under any circumstances. Where World Wide has started processing the order but not yet submitted the filing to the appropriate government entity, we will refund your total payment minus a fifty dollar ($50.00) document processing fee. Once we have submitted your filing to the US Copyright Office or appropriate government entity, the order cannot be cancelled and no fees can be returned, even if the Government Office may reject the filing for any reason. Submitting an application does not guarantee a successful filing. All Services Refunds must be requested within 30 days of placing your order. After 30 days, no refunds can be made. Under no condition will there be any refund of any filing fees, publication fees or shipping fees acquired by Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge in relation to any assignment. Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge reserves the right to alter, adjust, change, modify or delete fees at its sole option. Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge further reserves the right to establish new services and charge fees in association with the stipulation of such new services as it considers appropriate. World Wide/Copyright Center reserves the right to offer subsequent promotional rates which may or may not be more beneficial than the terms under which you entered this agreement. Any such sporadic special rates shall not affect the then existing rights and responsibilities of each party. Payment of Fees – Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge accepts payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), and by personal check, cashiers check, electronic check, money order, and PayPal. In addition, Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge may consider additional forms of payment however the offering of a particular form of payment does not obligate World Wideto continue to offer that form of payment in the future. The current list of payment options will be presented during the order process. If you have any questions concerning the current available payment options, you may email us. I hereby authorize Copyright Center/World Wide/Ad Edge to submit my Copyright Application as an "acting member of my business entity" to the US Copyright Office, answer questions on my behalf if necessary, and receive my copyright if needed. .Copyright © 2009 - 2011 Copyright Registry. All Rights Reserved. ..